Recurring Billing Without Authorize.Net

FillQuick Customer Support

Currently, FillQuick relies on Authorize.Net's recurring billing system. The problem is that not everybody wants to use Authorize.Net. Also, Authorize.Net does not notify FillQuick when the subscription is canceled for any reason. If FillQuick implements its own recurring billing system, this will make it possible to add advanced recurring billing functionality. Like showing the list of customers who are behind on their monthly payments. And security companies will be able to easily switch between payment gateways without having to worry about moving their recurring billing subscription to the new payment gateway.


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We would really like this option!


Rebecca Wilkinson

This would be an Amazing feature for us. I am currently spread out through three different biling systems because Authorize closed our account without warning us and refuses to reopen it.


Anas Mustafa

Will this new setup also include the option to take payment through a customer bank account or just credit card?


FillQuick Customer Support

Hello John! I believe that Authorize.Net notifies the merchant directly via email when a payment fails. So I suggest monitoring these email notifications. They are more reliable than the notifications that they end to FillQuick about other payments.

Failed payment notification and the ability to list customers with late payments are the main reasons we want FillQuick to stop relying on Authorize.Net for recurring billing and have its own recurring billing system.

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John Jarvis

I agree, the fact that we get no notification when a customer's monthly payment gets declined makes it extremely difficult to keep up with a portfolio of in-house accounts and making sure everyone is current on payments.


Scott Zuniga

Authorize.net no longer syncs with Quickbooks either


Mike Reed

We like the authorize.net integration, however email or text notifications of failed, suspended or canceled transactions would be great.

The ability to run a past due report on authorize.net clients, as well as or separately your cash/check/etc.