Multiple System Sales Rep Commission Calculator

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A sales rep commission calculator based on the "Multiple System". Where the pass-through rate is determined by the monitoring plan. And the multiple is determined by the credit score. Feel free to add a comment to tell the exact formula used by your company to calculate sales rep commissions.


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Bassem Naguib

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Charles Olivas

Another possible work around with what is in place already might work, see the idea to adjust the Seller Pay scale and add two sections that would allow variances...

"Seller Pay scale - Deduction/addition added"


FillQuick Customer Support

Thank you so much Lina for your feedback! It helps us to know how the dealers are calculating their sales reps commissions. When it is time to start working on this feature, we will review all the information we have and we will use it to design the multiple commission calculator.


Lina Santos

It would be useful if it would be something like the following:

(Monthly Rate - Cell passthru) * Multiple (differs based on contract term) = Total - Equipment given away - 10% Holdback = Total + upsell = TOTAL PAY


Alarm Brokers of Florida

A multiple Payout system is so much easier for calculating real profits/loss on accounts. I suggest each dealer sends you their payout schedule and have tradio buttons to calculate real time costs eg.

Credit Class A 35 multiples then a radio button was it ach? was $199 collected? are you at 25 funded accounts?

That would be out master calculator for the dealer and then we can create a calculator for the reps based on that information.